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I love stories about amazing customer experiences.

You can get inspired by what other people do well. Get this right and you’ll boost your business by creating the most loyal customers.

Here’s one that happened to my own parents…

Back when Lexus was a relative newcomer to the US market, my Mom was an early fan. She bought a Lexus and loved it. After she’d had the car for about a year, a dashboard warning light came on.

Mom took the car to the dealer and they fixed it.

Almost immediately, the light came back on. Back to the dealer it went, this time being seen by a supervisor.

And, yup, the light came on again. After the fourth or fifth time, Lexus brought one of their leading American maintenance experts to look at her car. When that didn’t work, the company flew in an engineering team from Japan to assess Mom’s car and get to the bottom of her mystery dashboard warning light.

They still couldn’t figure it out and the warning light continued to shine.

Lexus called my parents into the dealer to discuss the situation. The manager explained they couldn’t fix the problem, and handed my parents the keys to the car.

It took a minute for my Mom and Dad to understand what was happening. Lexus was giving my parents a brand new Lexus to replace their year-old car.

That was in 1990. Since then, my Mom has driven nothing but Lexuses. Lexi? Lexus?

What’s the plural of Lexus?

Anyhoo…the point is, she will be a dedicated Lexus driver until the end.

AND she’s told just about anyone who will listen her story about the superior care, dedication to customer and beyond-the-expected service she got from Lexus.

Want more inspiration?

Here’s a great article with some winners. The first is a famous story from Morton’s restaurant about a former mentor of mine – Peter Shankman. His book, Zombie Loyalists, has been one of my favorite go-to’s for customer experience inspiration.

Enjoy your dose of inspiration!  CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE

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