A L’il Bit About Ali Cudby

I’ve been helping companies improve customer retention for a long time. From books to bras to business – oh my! Here are just a few key highlights:

  • Currently, in addition to helping clients grow by finding the money they’re missing from existing customers, I teach Entrepreneurship at Purdue University.
  • My customer retention work with companies became the basis for Keep Your Customers: How to Stop Customer Turnover, Improve Retention and Get Lucrative, Long-Term Loyalty published April 2020 by Morgan James Publishing.
  • I was named Top Sales World’s Top 50 Keynote Speakers for 2020.
  • My client roster expanded beyond retail to include companies in subscription-based businesses, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, associations, and more.
  • With Alignmint, companies use our proven four-step MINT Method to find the money they’re missing from existing customers while building customer relationships for the long-term. Your result? Customers to spend more, stay longer, and refer like crazy.
  • As I learned more about my lingerie business clients’ businesses, I realized that customer retention expertise was needed. That’s where Alignmint Growth Strategies (formerly Your Iconic Brand) was born.
  • The success of my book inspired lingerie companies to request the FabFit Academy, the global leader in professional bra fitting certification, with students on six continents.
  • I wrote the Amazon #1 bestselling book on bra fitting, Busted! which then became Fit My Bras. The book was published in Spanish and English.
  • My job as Director of Marketing at at Animal Planet was to improve ratings, and I focused on understanding our viewers to motivate them to tune into our key programming. I also got pooped on by a Komodo Dragon at a Jeff Corwin photo shoot. Good times.
  • At the Golf Digest magazines, I focused on solving business problems for our advertising customers. Taking a strategic approach to sales and marketing, we drastically improved advertising revenue at a time when print advertising was in decline. Maybe that’s why the magazine group was acquired by Conde Nast.
  • After business school, I landed at the New York Times Company’s Corporate Strategy team. My first taste of customer retention came from a project that sent me around the country, studying best practices at companies from FedEx to LL Bean. I was hooked! This project launched my interest in boosting customer experience as a way to increase retention and revenue.
  • I started my career working in Hollywood, making blockbusters that ranged all the way from Darkman II to Darkman III. After living in hotel rooms for 14 straight months, it was time to rethink my career. I decided to go to The Wharton School for an MBA.

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