Alignmint Growth Strategies helps companies develop customer relationships that drive long-term loyalty. We deliver your process for growth through alignment applying our proven MINT Method. When companies apply the MINT Method, growth doesn’t have to be hard. What can feel like a barrier to reaching your next level simply needs a clear path that aligns your team and inspires your customers. 

Our process had been adopted successfully by companies around the world, and is the foundation of Managing Director Ali Cudby’s #1 bestselling book, “Keep Your Customers.” 

With Alignmint you get the know-how to grow.

ALI CUDBY, Founder & CEO:

Ali Cudby is the CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies, a company she founded in 2014 as Your Iconic Brand. Ali also wrote the book on customer experience – literally. That’s because Ali is the author of the bestseller, Keep Your Customers. 

From Fortune 500 to pre-revenue start-ups, Ali has spent 20 years refining her craft.  Ali first cut her teeth in the world of customer experience after graduating from Wharton Business School and joining The New York Times Company’s corporate planning group. She also had stints in strategic marketing at the Golf Digest Magazine Group and Animal Planet TV Network before opening her own shop, where she focuses on making a difference for small to mid-sized companies that want the know-how to grow.

These days, Ali teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Purdue University and works with clients worldwide. When she’s not working, you’ll probably find her in the pottery studio or valiantly trying to tire out her two dogs. 

Fun fact: “I started my career working in Hollywood, making blockbusters that ranged all the way from Darkman II to Darkman III. After living in hotel rooms for 14 straight months, it was time to rethink my career. “

TIM CONDER, Strategic Consultant:

Tim has been a customer of enterprise software and has led services teams within successful software companies, which gives him a unique perspective on the problems that can easily arise when implementing SaaS solutions. Tim is passionate about helping software companies create new ways of operating that help their teams take advantage of the creativity and knowledge they have today.  

Tim brings a passion for helping companies serve their customers with excellence. With 18 years of experience in SaaS and 15 years leading customer success teams, Tim believes in scaling great customer experiences in technology by taking into account the full lifecycle from start to renewal. Tim has extensive experience in Customer Success, and specifically SaaS companies of various sizes and stages.

Fun fact: “I currently own a blanket, a pillow and socks that all feature my awesome dog, Tilly.” 

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