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Tune in to the SIMPLE brand podcast with host Matt Lyles as Ali shares insights on finding and retaining your most valuable customers. Discover strategies for identifying different levels of customer loyalty, handling ‘bad revenue’ customers, and empowering entire companies to prioritize customer experience. Don’t miss this episode packed with actionable tips for building long-term customer loyalty!

Tune in to the CSM Practice podcast with host Irit Eizips as Ali Cudby, CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies, unveils the intricacies of her four-step MINT Framework for fostering sustained customer loyalty. Delve into Ali’s expertise on crafting mission statements that resonate with customers, and gain practical insights into building trust and engagement to prioritize customer loyalty in your business strategy. Don’t miss this episode packed with actionable tips for keeping your customers happy and loyal!

In this episode of Lead Like a Woman Show with host Andrea Heuston. Discover how intentional customer experiences can drive explosive growth. Learn about Ali’s ‘MINT Method,’ the origins of her company’s name, and the role of data in aligning strategies. Don’t miss this insightful episode on fostering customer and employee loyalty!

Join Ali Cudby, CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies and bestselling author of Keep Your Customers, on The Selling Show with host David Newman. Discover Ali’s powerful strategies for customer retention, client satisfaction reviews, and driving business growth. Don’t miss this insightful episode!

Tune in to The Modern Customer Podcast for a paradigm-shifting discussion on customer loyalty with Ali Cudby, bestselling author of “Keep Your Customers”. Hosted by customer experience futurist Blake Morgan, this episode goes beyond tips and tricks, offering a transformative mindset shift to cultivate unshakeable customer loyalty. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation – listen now to keep your customers coming back!

Uncover the secrets behind customer loyalty levels with Ali Cudby in this podcast episode. Learn how to identify and elevate customers to the lucrative loyal tier, ensuring sustainable growth for your business. Get practical strategies for fostering authentic advocacy and avoiding the pitfalls of acquiring the wrong customers. Don’t miss out on this valuable discussion – listen now!

Unlock the secrets to unstoppable business growth with Ali Cudby, CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies. Discover practical strategies to enhance customer loyalty and fuel success on the Conquer Local Podcast. Learn Ali’s proven MINT Method from her #1 bestseller, ‘Keep Your Customers,’ and revolutionize your business today!

In this episode, Ali, shares insights on customer service’s impact on company success. Learn strategies for aligning departments, creating playbooks, diagnosing breakdowns, and cultivating loyalty. Prioritize customer needs, implement clear processes, and view customer-facing teams as revenue drivers for sustained growth.

Unlock the secrets to uncontainable business growth and learn how to keep customers coming back for more with Ali Cudby, the architect behind Alignment Growth Strategies. Upend traditional sales strategies and put your company on the path to sustainable, profitable expansion. Get ready to transform your approach to business with insights from the #1 bestselling book “Keep Your Customers” and her innovative four-step MINT method.

In this episode, we explore the secrets behind crafting exceptional customer experiences and driving business growth. From the importance of heart and smart strategies to the transformative power of the MINT Methodology, we cover it all! Learn more actionable tips, real-world stories, and fresh perspectives that will revolutionize your approach to customer loyalty and retention. 

In this episode, we delve into the intricate dynamics of business growth and customer loyalty. Join Ali and Bill Gallagher for a captivating discussion as they uncover the hidden gems of sustaining a thriving customer base while scaling your enterprise. Gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies that prioritize customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of your growth journey. 

Join us as Ali illuminates the essential strategies for keeping your customers loyal and driving business growth. Discover why nurturing customer relationships extends well beyond the initial sale and learn how truly understanding your customer base can lead to unparalleled success.

Alignment helps organizations achieve remarkable growth. The result isn’t just predictability in revenue, it is transformational loyalty that lasts for the long-term. Ali discusses this and other important topics in a fantastic conversation with Rob Jeppsen on the Sales Leadership Podcast.

In this episode, Ali shares her insights on the phrase “The customer is always right.” and how it impacts businesses, as well as the strategies she uses to prevent customer churn. The discussion touches on the importance of customer satisfaction, upselling, and cross-selling as key metrics for customer success. Ali emphasizes the value of celebrating moments that matter most to customers.

Exceptional customer experience begins by understanding your ideal client. In this episode, Ali & Shanna discuss how to figure out your ideal client and manage customer experience, what NOT to do, and tips to start to follow up with your clients!

Ali Cudby is the founder and CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies – it’s alignMINT (M-I-N-T) because once a mint plant is established, it grows like crazy – much like the results for clients at Alignmint, a leading consulting and training firm specializing in post-sales strategies for customer retention and growth.

A shift at the top of your customer’s team is the single biggest predictor of customer churn. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this webinar, Ali shares the proven formula for successfully navigating this key inflection point.

Key takeaways:
-Why a customer champion change is such a critical moment 
-Critical play steps for customer champion changes
-Best practices for retention and growth

Ali Cudby loves retention. So much so, she wrote a dang book on it. Ali joins LTV off the clock to chat about that love + a bunch of other CS things.

Lifetime Value is the podcast for Customer Success professionals where you can hear fellow CS veterans share their wins and their losses, their best practices and their horror stories. We in CS know that the customer is not always right, but they are at the center of every business.

Not all customers are equal. You see, while each customer is essential, some provide more support to and get more value from your business. In fact, the top 20% of a company’s customers deliver a vast majority of their revenue. Retaining these loyal customers is crucial.

Turning customers into long-term and loyal patients are the keys to sustainable growth in your practice. We all know that customer experience plays a crucial role in keeping your customers. In this episode, Ali Cudby, author of the #1 bestselling book, Keep Your Customers, joins us to talk about all things customer retention and growth. 

Learn how to maintain a proper relationship with your customers in your business with Ali Cudby. Have your customers keep coming back to you, and have them experience wonderful customer service. Tune in with Ali Cudby to learn more about how to properly maintain your relationship with your customers and further improve it.


Ali Cudby is the author of the best-selling book, Keep Your Customers: How to Stop Customer Turnover, Improve Retention, and Get Lucrative, Long-Term Loyalty. We talk about pay equity in non-sales roles and what type of a career can someone grow into in Customer Care. There is a lot of growth and potential in this niche within B2B sales.

Guest host Pat Gibbons interviews author Ali Cudby about her new book “Keep Your Customers,” which discuss how companies can create loyal customers and slow customer turnover.

Ali Cudby’s journey to becoming a customer retention expert started with a transformational bra fitting and ended with her becoming CEO of Your Iconic Brand. Join Vicki and Kathy this week as they find out what all happened in between, and how to grow loyalty for your business both internally and externally.

The DisrupTV Show always showcases interesting folks talking about fascinating topics — and all designed to help your business grow. 

And it was a barn burner! All three guests — McKinsey & Co’s Senior Partner Brian Gregg, ZD Net’s Editor-in-Chief Larry Dignan, and Ali all share ways that customer experience is an important key to take your company to the next level. Along with co-host Vala Afshar, they covered a lot of great ground.

In today’s short show, we review our interview with Ali Cudby, author of “Keep your Customers” and Founder & CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies.

From customer-focused mission statements to subscription programs, this episode reminds us how small to mid-sized companies can engage with customers with even greater clarity and focus than larger ones, and enjoy greater loyalty outcomes as a result.

In episode 84 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan work through ways to retain employees at your company while driving home an important point – employees are customers too. Guest Ali Cudby drops by to converse about topics like the similarities between employee and customer retention, the impacts of employee retention on the bottom line, and ways to improve worker loyalty.

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