Recently, my husband was a customer, shopping at Hugo Boss, his favorite upscale men’s store. Joe was really excited about buying new clothes after getting an amazing job, and wanted to look the part. He had been in the “jeans and a button down” mode for a long time and this job required him to step up his wardrobe.

Let me rewind a bit. Joe was never a clothes guy. When we got married, he decided to get a new wedding suit. He couldn’t find anything he loved until he walked into Hugo Boss. He loved the clothes – and also the experience. Since our wedding, Boss has become the go-to store when Joe feels especially good and wants to look his best. In addition to his wedding suit, it’s where Joe went to celebrate after losing a significant amount of weight a few years ago.

So when Joe decided to go shopping, he knew exactly where he wanted to go, and he was ready to open his wallet.

In other words, he was your dream customer.

Joe bought blazers, shirts and pants – several of which had to be altered. The following week, he went back to pick up the clothes, and started eyeballing some jeans. The same salesman approached with a smile.

“Hey, I’ll bet we can sell you some more stuff,” he said.

In that moment, Joe’s enthusiasm came to a screeching halt. With one sentence, that salesman turned the relationship into a transaction. As Joe told me later, it was like a knock out punch, and that warm feeling he had shifted from celebration to sold. He picked up his clothes and left. I’m not sure he’ll buy from that store again. Ever.

One comment can alter the course of your customer relationships and directly impact your bottom line. 

Has that ever happened with one of your customers? Maybe you can think of an incident, but maybe not – after all, the manager of Hugo Boss had no idea of Joe’s feelings. Issues can arise and you may not even know about them.

I don’t want ANYONE reading this to lose a single customer to a thoughtless comment from you OR any of your employees. The good news is there’s an easy way to prevent these problems from happening.

There is a simple system for getting and KEEPING customers in your business in a way that increases revenue and profit.

AND once you have a customer, you’ll know exactly how to talk to them so they want to stay for life. With this system, you’ll have the key to unlock word-of-mouth referrals for your business. This is a system that’s 100% reliable – every single client has used this successfully to attract new customers.

Stop worrying about whether you’ll get enough traffic tomorrow, next week or in the “slow season” and start focusing on how to deliver your secret sauce to the customers who most want exactly what you offer.

You work harder than anyone in your business – you deserve to work smarter, too. I can’t wait to help 10 business owners learn the exact steps to converting customers from buyers to believers so they can serve at a deeper level, all while growing their revenue and bottom line.

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