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The time to announce our rebrand is finally here. The entire team is very excited to see all the work come to life.


Yes, Alignmint Growth Strategies.

We’ve been walking through the thinking behind the decision to rebrand. In a nutshell, in our old company, the Your Iconic Brand promise was dedicated to “customer retention.” However, we discovered that our clients get much more from our work than simply retention.

While they got a process for onboarding and customer journey, they also saw value in the improved communication between company leaders and the team.

The additional revenue was great, and the higher margins were even better.

And most of all, having everyone in the company on the same page, celebrating a better, more consistent experience for customers was transformative.

Listening to Customers Provided The Inspiration

Customers used one word over and over again to describe the outcome: Alignment.

And they consistently used one word to describe their outcome: Growth

For that reason, the idea of “alignment” and “growth” became our focus.

A rebrand is both art and science. As we searched for a new name, we continued to talk about the value the company delivers. We discussed how it works. I described the four-step process my clients use to get to hit their goals.

The promise is growth through alignment.

Somehow, alignment + growth + the four-step process turned into a conversation about things that grow exponentially. We ended up on mint plants. (It was an organic conversation flow – I’m not even sure how we got there.)

Mint plants, once established, will grow like crazy. We kept riffing. Mint for money. When things are excellent, they are in mint condition.

The AHA Moment

Suddenly, the lightbulb went off and the answer was obvious.

Align + mint. Alignmint*!

Alignmint is spelled M-I-N-T to correspond to the proven four-step MINT Method that aligns companies for growth.

The MINT Method

M – Make a Bullseye
I – Identify your ideal customers
N – Navigate your customer journey
T – Transform your outcomes with playbooks

We M – In the #1 bestselling book Keep Your Customers, Alignmint CEO Ali Cudby shares a unique process. The goal is to develop a mantra for the customer experience, which she calls a Bullseye. A Bullseye articulates your company’s approach to customer experience in one phrase. Think of a Bullseye this way – your company probably has a Mission, a Vision and Values. Those are probably all about your company. The Bullseye is a statement about who you want to be for your customers. Wrapped up in one tightly-worded package.

With your Bullseye made, it’s time to articulate who you’re talking to. You can’t hit a bullseye if you don’t know where to aim. This is where you I – Identify your ideal customers. The more clearly you define your ideal customer profile, the better you can speak to them with marketing, refine your product with them in mind, and expand in your market.

Knowing those ideal customers also makes it easier to frame how customers will engage with your products and services. In other words, the next step is N- Navigate your customer journey, with the key inflection points they will hit along the way.

And since the MINT Method is designed for long-term growth, you ensure success by making sure the process lives for the long-term. No “flavor of the month” initiatives here! Knit the process into the fabric of your company with playbooks that clearly identify the steps your team needs to take in order to deliver that amazing customer experience you designed in that customer journey. Develop and embed those processes and voila! You T- Transform your outcomes with playbooks.

Growing your business doesn’t have to be hard. What can feel like a barrier to reaching your next level (or, let’s be honest, sometimes mess and overwhelm) simply needs a clear path that aligns your team and inspires your customers.

At Alignmint, we use the MINT method to uncover your hidden opportunities for uncontainable growth. And your company gets the know-how to grow.

But Wait, There’s More! Behind The Rebrand

Alignmint mint leaf in logo

As you dig into the brand, you’ll see a number of visual elements.

Each has meaning. The logo itself contains a modified leaf, which is taken from the outline of a mint plant. The shape of the leaf also represents your results – growth is up and to the left, just as we like it to be.Alignmint imperfect circle and coin to represent the revenue journey

The circle represents a coin. When your brand is in alignment, the revenue will come. You may notice the circle isn’t actually perfectly perfect, and there’s a reason for that. While your company’s results with Alignmint will be “up and to the left,” we live in the real world of business. Growth is attainable – perfection isn’t. The slight irregularities in the coin reflect the gloriously imperfect path that leads to alignment. With Alignmint.

Alignmint vertical line in logo to represent alignmentThe straight line is the literal visualization of alignment. The loop stands for the continuous improvement that comes from ongoing implementation and takes your company to next-level growth.

Alignmint human outline in logo to represent the human component in a customer focusAnd finally, there is a representational human element, because this work is people-centric. Everyone is successful when people feel seen, heard and valued. That’s the hallmark of Alignmint.

On behalf of the entire team, we are incredibly excited to introduce Alignmint.



*There’s one more fun easter egg in the company name, which we realized after the fact. “Alignmint” begins with Ali!

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