How does a company close the consumer trust gap? I’m always thrilled to collaborate with CMS Wire on their articles. Here’s the latest:

The gap between businesses’ perceptions and customers’ reality is alive and well. It was most recently confirmed in a survey by digital experience platform provider Acquia, which found 75% of marketers believed their customers’ trust in their organization’s handling of personal data had improved from 2019 to 2020. However, just over half (52%) of surveyed consumers said they were comfortable giving a brand personal data in exchange for a better experience.

What can businesses do to close the gap between perception and reality?

Offer Clear, Consistent Processes

“The most effective way for companies to develop customer trust is by creating clear and consistent processes for customer experience that start at the top of an organization,” said Ali Cudby, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Purdue University and managing director of Alignmint Growth Strategies. “Customer experience is not a department. It’s a philosophy for engagement across all departments. It’s the role of company leadership to articulate and prioritize a company-wide initiative for CX. This approach must put customers at the center of the initiative. Anything less asks customers to care about your company’s structure, conflicts and culture.”

Customers don’t care that your heads of marketing and sales don’t get along, Cudby added. “They don’t care about your position on compensating customer success/customer service. They don’t care that your IT department ‘doesn’t see itself’ as customer-facing. And, frankly, customers shouldn’t have to care.”

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