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My #1 Bestselling Book Launch = Your Party Favor

What do a #1 bestselling book, lingerie, venture capital revenue expertise and hand sanitizer have in common?

More importantly, how are they helping your business today?

Let’s discuss how they all fit together. Even better, whether you attended the launch party or not, you get to bring home the party favor! This gift provides insights from a number of experts to help you grow your business.

It all begins with my book launch. See, Keep Your Customers was finally officially published on April 14th.

Yes, Keep Your Customers is the same book I’ve been talking about for months.

What can I say- book publication takes a long time. Plus, in today’s quarantined world, the whole concept of time seems out of whack.

And because of this quarantined world, I had to completely scrap the book launch I had planned – with speaking engagements, a party, and much more. Like many of us, I had to make a fast shift.

The shift came in the form of a virtual launch party!


Party Time

At the party, I talked to a few experts in their field: Cheryl Cote, Sam Jacobs, and David Simnick. Cheryl is the owner of Esprit de la Femme, a brick-and-mortar lingerie business in a small Canadian town. Sam founded the Revenue Collective, a mentoring organization focused on the people driving revenue (in all guises) in venture capital-backed start-ups. David is the founder of Soapbox, a consumer-packaged goods company with a strong social mission. Soapbox donates a bar of soap for every product sold.

I talked to each of these guests – and one-by-one, a theme emerged. Each one of them talked about the importance of strong relationships for success in business.


Think about that. These businesses are diametrically different. One sells to consumers. One sells to business leaders in high-growth environments. One sells to major retail chains. And despite all those differences, they all talked about relationships as the driver of their growth and success.

Each of the guests was fascinating. David Simnick’s story was particularly timely. He shared how his soap company was able to pivot quickly and develop hand sanitizer in this unique moment of need. In a month, the company went from idea to production to delivery. It’s inspiring.

And it’s relevant for you.

No matter what you do. No matter how big your company. No matter what your role.

You can make a difference. You can build the relationships you need to create long-term, high-value customers. THAT is what lingerie, venture-capital backed revenue, and hand sanitizer have in common.


You might have noticed that the list began with four items. The missing one is a #1 bestselling book.

Based on my relationships – with readers, with customers, with personal and professional networks I have cultivated over a lifetime – the launch day for my book came with a thrilling outcome.

The book hit #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list in several key business categories.

I’m still reeling. And so grateful to everyone who supported this effort. And incredibly, incredibly excited!! THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a copy or showed up for the launch party!

I believe so strongly in the mission of Keep Your Customers. As I said in this earlier blog post, now more than ever, businesses need to make sure they keep the customers they have worked so hard to earn. My book shows how to do exactly that.

It is gratifying to see people benefiting from that message and applying the steps to their businesses.

Yes, it’s wonderful to have a #1 bestselling book.

It’s even better to help you build the customer relationships you need to grow and thrive in these uncertain times.


Check out the Keep Your Customers Launch Party video HERE.

And grab your copy of Keep Your Customers on Amazon.