Entrepreneurial Leadership Audio Purdue University


School is in session! And entrepreneurial leadership is today’s topic.

This month I’ve been on the road, going back and forth from Indianapolis to Purdue University. For those of you who are not familiar with that particular stretch of I-65, that’s about a 70-mile drive. 

I can just hear you asking, “Hey Ali! Why the heck are you making that drive twice/week??” Great question!

I’m teaching Entrepreneurship again – which I love. As a result, I joined Purdue’s award-winning Entrepreneurship & Innovation program, under the umbrella of the Krannert School. Krannert is Purdue’s business school.

The class I teach starts the semester with students identifying a business idea. Then, over the semester they create a business plan. 

Truthfully, I really enjoy the teaching, but it’s a long drive. I’m trying to stay productive, so welcome to a little experiment.

I’m going to share lessons from classes with you!

The fundamentals of entrepreneurship are directly connected to the heart of customer loyalty. After all, companies need customers who are happy to pay cold-hard cash for the solutions that new company is selling.

This week, I created an audio from the road. It focuses on Entrepreneurial Leadership and what it means for long-term customer value. Since I recorded it in the car, you will also get to enjoy the road noises. It’s very authentic – road noise is a feature!

Please let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you.