Right now, companies are scrambling to rethink sales and marketing efforts. You can’t afford to be wasting marketing dollars, but sales folks are having a tough time. In the world of Covid, the old ways of selling aren’t an option:

  • You can’t make face-to-face sales calls.
  • No schmoozing over lunch or a drink. 
  • Even networking events are virtual, making it impossible to corner that sweet prospect for some “casual” banter. 

As a result, companies are trying different approaches to get new customers. Online advertising is going bonkers.

The result? You have even more competition for the hearts and minds of new customers. And the bad news is those prospects have fewer dollars (and less bandwidth) to spend on your products and services.

Prospecting is hard out there right now.

And while you’re busy going after new customers, your existing customers are in jeopardy.

They are reevaluating every dollar spent.

They’re being courted by your competitors.

And they’re considering which products and services they really need.

Most of the companies I’m talking to are looking for ways to save money. Making sure they aren’t wasting marketing dollars. They’re making cuts wherever they can. 

When the axe falls – and it will – you don’t want to be the one who gets cut.

Or maybe it’s too late to get ahead of turnover because you’re already losing customers. You need to make the bleeding stop – quickly – before a slip becomes a slide.

Now more than ever, this is the moment to allocate some of your time, energy and resources to make sure your customers want to stick with you for the long-term.

Ask yourself:

What are we doing to make our customers feel valued right now?

How are we enticing customers to choose us as the “must have” brand in their line-up?

Most of all…

How can we boost customer retention to protect the folks we’ve already worked so hard to win?

This is the time to double down and invest in customer retention.

What’s your plan to ensure your company doesn’t get that dreaded axe?

You have an opportunity to build a customer relationship for long-term, lucrative loyalty.

If you want a guided process through the formula for customer retention, this is your moment. Don’t waste another day or churn another customer.

Get your company aligned for success.

Most of all, get started.

A quick conversation will reveal your company’s best next steps for customer success. 


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