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Because this post is a roundup of recent media appearances featuring a few of the key concepts you need from Keep Your Customers. 

As companies start to consider the post-pandemic world of work, your plan for customer retention is vitally important. 

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Whether you prefer podcasts, webinars, videos or articles, there’s an option that’s just right for you. Enjoy!

Did you know it costs insurance companies 7-9X more to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer? Even though customer retention in insurance companies is relatively high compared to other industries, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies understands its members need to focus on retention. 

In this one-hour webinar, I talk about the Three Keys to Customer Retention with NAMIC members – and you can check them out for free! 

Listen to the webinar HERE 

Relationships are the foundation of long-term customers – but where do they begin? Sometimes it’s a random event. In this case, Al Lalani, the CEO of Annex Cloud, saw a video I posted on LinkedIn and commented. He ended up reading Keep Your Customers and loved the book so much that we ended up doing a two-part video interview for his Market Movers series. 

Annex Cloud provides software to deliver loyalty functionality, engage customers and motivate retention – so we had a lot of meaty topics to dig into! 

Watch the videos!

[Part 1] Market Movers featuring Ali Cudby – Author of Keep Your Customers

[Part 2] Market Movers featuring Ali Cudby – Author of Keep Your Customers

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has delivered excellent resources throughout the pandemic. Chambers of commerce are vitally important right now as a collective voice for small businesses. I was thrilled to speak with host Tom Schuman to talk about the impact of customer retention for a post-coronavirus world. 

Our lively conversation ranged from specific action steps people can take to reinforce customer loyalty during these difficult times to my own career journey as an accidental entrepreneur. 

Listen to the podcast HERE

Purdue University asked to feature me in a Professor Spotlight, which was an incredible honor, especially as a first-year professor! The principles of customer retention are an important part of the entrepreneurship class. After all, entrepreneurs who focus on the customer’s perspective build companies that are customer-centric. 

“Students come to class thinking the idea is the most important thing about a new business. They are often surprised to discover the idea is just the jumping off point. Everyone pivots. The entrepreneurs who are most successful are the ones who keep pivoting until their solution solves a real customer problem.”

Read the article HERE

I first met John Blake five years ago. He was (and is) focused helping people improve their sales techniques. Getting sales and keeping customers are two sides of the same coin. Any sales person who isn’t thinking about long-term customer value is missing the opportunity to grow. 

We had a great conversation about the definition of loyal customers, and the difference between different types of loyalty. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about loyalty. This podcast digs into some of those important distinctions. 

Listen to our conversation HERE

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