Ali Cudby on Gut + Science Podcast

Increase Business Loyalty: Ali On The Gut + Science Podcast


I appeared on the Gut + Science Podcast.  Podcast host Nikki Lewellen and I discussed ways to increase business loyalty. Here are a couple of highlights:

1) Employee engagement and customer loyalty are connected. A customer’s experience is almost always tied back to how your employees are engaging with them.
2) Seen. Heard. Valued. Everyone wants to feel this way. And when people feel seen, heard, and valued they get excited about being loyal customers. These shifts don’t happen all at once, but rather one step at a time.
3) Steer clear of “flavor of the month” initiatives. No executive wants to spend time, energy, and resources thinking about ways to grow their organizations only to have a big announcement fizzle out. Get everyone on board, align your organization around a singular bullseye, and reinforce your message consistently.

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