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Want to know the secrets to creating customer love?

Recently, I was interviewed by the amazing Nancy Marmolejo for her Itenco podcast to talk about this exact topic. We explored the world of customers. More specifically, we talked about strategies for business leaders to extend customer relationships beyond the single transaction to create true engagement.

True engagement is the heart of customer love. And much more profit!

Itenco means “on the edge of it”.  The mission of Itenco: Lessons For The Leading Edge is to reveal and ignite new edges of leadership.


Here’s my podcast interview with Nancy.



Here’s a little more about Nancy, and why she’s the perfect host for Itenco:

“I help entrepreneurs, executives, founders, and thought leaders who want to create a greater level of impact, legacy, and contribution.

A devoted student of human nature, I get to the heart of what makes a person tick and help them leverage that to make a lasting imprint on the world. My clients end up with more than a blueprint for their future goals; they end up with a renewed sense of their value and worth.”


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