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That Bra Thing

“Are you still doing that bra thing?”

When a friend I hadn’t seen in a while asked me that question, I stared at her with my mouth open like a prize carp. I had no idea how to respond.

That bra thing?

By “that bra thing,” she meant my career as a Customer Engagement Expert with roots in the lingerie industry, but it wasn’t a generous way to phrase the question. Let’s get real…would anyone have the nerve to ask Oprah if she’s still doing “that TV thing”? If someone was actually brave (or foolish) enough to ask Oprah a question like that, what would she say?

I suppose the answer would have to be ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Yes, Oprah is still working in the television industry, but that’s an understatement. What Oprah does for her audience transcends any work that could possibly be called “that TV thing.” She uses the medium of television to inspire, educate, enlighten and uplift her viewers and fans.

Am I comparing my background in the lingerie industry to what Oprah does? Well, yes.

Last week I was fortunate enough to be at Curvexpo, the intimate apparel trade show in New York City. For three days, I talked to retailers and manufacturers about their work. Some of the conversations had to do with fit, design and craftsmanship, but many of them went a lot deeper. We also talked about the baggage women carry with them when they shop and how exceptional service professionals can lighten those loads.

When a woman steps into a lingerie department, she brings all of her body image issues and insecurities with her into the fitting room. Whether she’s been affected by a Photoshopped image of a model in a magazine or some awful comment made by a parent, friend or a high school ex, guess what? That comes along with her. For too many women, the fitting room gets awfully crowded with negative opinions.

It’s the job of lingerie professionals to help women cut through that noise and give them an opportunity to be properly fitted. But it’s more than that, because a bra is so much more than a garment – it’s the foundation of a woman’s self image and her self esteem. A great fitting can dramatically elevate a woman’s feelings about herself.

Transforming a woman’s opinion of herself is powerful work—work akin to the way that Oprah transcends her role as a television host and positively impacts countless people’s lives. When you’re able to transform your customers’ feelings about themselves, you’re not just good at what you DO, you’re elevating who your customers ARE. That level of engagement only happens when you tap into the EMOTIONS customers feel when they interact with your business.

What does this have to do with my friend’s question about whether or not I’m still doing “that bra thing”? It’s all about the meaning behind the question. If she was asking me whether I still aim to create experiences that bring out the best in customers, then the answer is an absolute YES. That’s what “that bra thing” I do is all about—helping businesses engage customers in a way that extends far beyond the four physical or virtual walls of their shops. If my guidance helps you create an experience that sends customers away feeling better about themselves, then I’ve done some powerful, Oprah-esque work, and so have you. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to know you’ve both positively impacted your customers’ lives and created customers for life in the process?

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