The Churn Virus Calculator is a dynamic tool designed for use in conjunction with The Churn Virus white paper ( The Calculator is designed for companies that use a recurring revenue-based structure.

Add your inputs to model three growth scenarios

  1. The path with your current annual churn rate (CR)
  2. Your path with full revenue retention – 100% Net Revenue Retention (100% NRR) 
  3. The opportunity if your company achieves 20% net growth (120% NRR)

How To Use The Churn Virus Calculator
The Calculator has four simple inputs, which will update your company’s results in real-time:

  • Current Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • Current Annual Churn Rate (do not use monthly churn)
  • Company’s Goal Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • The number of years it will take the company to hit that Goal ARR
NOTE: For the sake of simplicity, all valuation calculations assume a 10x multiple.