Struggling to Reach Your
Revenue Targets?

Don’t Replace Your Sales Playbook, Fire Your CRO, or Pivot Your Product Until You Test This Small Change

You can’t grow if you have high churn.

There are pieces missing from your customer experience that make it almost impossible to scale up your SaaS.

If you want to hit your numbers, get NRR to 120%, and wow your board, that starts with your customers.

Sure, sales and marketing will acquire new customers, but revenue targets require systems that guarantee your customers renew and tell their friends.

You can’t grow if you have high churn. Which is why I’m going to show you my counterintuitive system for hitting revenue targets.

You know what’s worse than a churned customer? ​

A “burned” customer.

Burned Customers Could Be Making It Near-Impossible to Scale

These are the ex-customers who are telling others about their bad experience with your company.

An unhappy customer will tell 10 people about their bad experience. A happy customer will tell 3. That math is not on your side.

Good luck finding your next customer when your reputation is working against you. All that effort put into closing these customers? It’s actually turned negative ROI as your burned customers make it harder for you to find your next customer.

And no amount of sales or marketing is going to cover up this problem. Ask yourself: Are your old customers making it HARDER to close your next customer?

The best way to fix this is by analyzing the moments that make these customers churn.

Hit Your Sales Targets With a Great Customer Experience

It’s my job to turn B2B SaaS companies into juggernauts by implanting essential growth tools into their operations.

What people say

Client Testimonials

introducing the churn Slayer audit

I’ve got 7 core playbooks that have been refined through 60+ client engagements over the last 15 years. 

Most of my clients had to sign up for months-long consulting engagements to get access to this info.

But I bet there’s one area that would deliver a near-instant ROI if I fixed it. So rather than making you sign up for months of work with me — as fun as that would be — I’m offering a rare one-off package that is all about eliminating churn. 

I’ll figure out which area your company is weakest. Afterward, I’ll send you the concrete steps you need to follow. 

This process is called Churn Slayer, because once you’ve been through the system, you’ll have a near-instant drop in churn.

That’s how you get loyal customers that stick around and help you finally hit your revenue targets.

Find Out Where Your Bucket is Leaking and Create Your Revenue Flywheel

The Churn Slayer session is a 1-hour call where you’re guaranteed to get 1+ non-obvious fix that will decrease churn, increase referrals, and help you hit your targets.

The Churn Slayer

It costs $1,000

The price will be going up once I’ve collected the first wave of testimonials, so if you are interested, I suggested getting in before I start charging $2,500 (or even more).

When you sign up for your Churn Slayer, you’ll be sent a booking link and a pre-assessment that will help me start hunting down the sources of your churn.

Once I’m done with my own audit, we’ll spend a session discussing the biggest “leak” in your funnel and the quick plan to fix it.

Then I’ll share my tailored action plan for the specific problem we identified with your company’s customer experience.

On top of all that, I guarantee you that once you implement what I show you, you’ll experience a 4x ROI on that investment in under 3 months.

To have me hunt down your biggest customer experience gap…

Explain what it’s costing you and how you can fix it…

And chart a path to high and consistent growth for your B2B SaaS…


The Churn Slayer session is a 1-hour call where you’re guaranteed to get 1+ non-obvious fix that will decrease churn, increase referrals, and help you hit your targets.

Book Now Before Price Increases

$ 1000
going up soon to $2,500
  • Churn Analysis
  • Customer Insights
  • Automated Alerts
  • Retention Strategies
  • Personalized Recommendations
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