The Value of Alignment

Based on your assessment results, here’s one actionable tactic you can use to uncover hidden opportunities for cashflow from your existing customers.


"We are setting a best practice standard for associations across the US thanks to our work with Ali. Plus, she identified a tactical opportunity that will save significant time and money in our department and across the entire organization. Working with Ali has produced fast results that will generate long-term impact. What a great experience!"
Brock hesler
Indiana Chamber of Commerce
Our results were amazing. Our lead conversion rate went from 10% to 17%, which is a huge difference. Now that we can disqualify customers who will be unprofitable, our average customer value is up by 96%!”
Susan Lassiter Lyons
Lassiter Publishing Group
“Working with ali was amazing. A game changer. My business saw more repeat customers and more word of mouth. If I hadn’t worked with her, I think I’d be miserable, working my fingers to the bone. I wouldn’t have had the success with keeping my staff. My energy wouldn’t have been conducive to them sticking with me. I would have lost interest in my own business. Every year since I’ve worked with her has been an improvement.”
Cheryl Cote
Esprit de la Femme
“As a services business, our most important focus is on our clients. They are the reason why we do what we do. While we’ve always served them well, we know we can serve and support them better. Ali’s book gave us that structure with concrete, actionable next steps to increase client satisfaction and implementation of our work. Her unique focus on examples from tech and startup companies made the book even more impactful because it spoke to who we are and who we serve.”
Mike Reynolds